Hi there, I’m Chris.

artist, consultant, cyclist, designer, musician, photograher, world traveller

I live in Sydney, Australia and this is a personal web site where I post articles relating to my interests.

You can find me at various places:

01. Check out my photography site

I am a founder of a photography and world travel site called Visual Voyager

02. Check out my consulting company

I have a boutique consulting company called Hello Tham. It specialises in Business and IT strategies, operating models, strategic roadmaps, enterprise architecture, analytics and business process design.

03. Interested in our travel adventures?

I have a separate web site documenting our travels for the past 20 years to various places in the world. If you are interested, check it out!


I am a great admirer of art and we love to visit art galleries wherever we go. In addition, I sometimes dabble with drawings with pencil, COPIC markers, watercolours and even fountain pens.


I love listening, playing and composing music. My interests in music are broad, ranging from classical, jazz, contemporary to modern. I also like playing the piano and guitar, and composing music, which I do in my own studio complete with mixing and monitoring consoles, digital audio workstation, and various instruments including a stage piano.


I love good design, whether it’s a product, clothes, personal accessories or even design as art. I also like designing things. My favourite colour is pink, and I try and incorporate that in all my designs. All my websites are designed by me.


I love travelling. I was born in Malaysia, and visited various places in South East Asia, including Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Singapore and Thailand. I live in Australia, and have visited many places in Australia and New Zealand. I have also been to various countries in Europe and have visited USA a few times (mostly for work).

Want me to work for you?

I am always interested in working and collaborating with others, so if you are have an interesting idea and you think I can help you, please let me know!