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Articles 1-11 (total 11)

Hot Dog featured image

Hot Dog

1 min read

Rainy day is a good day to eat an American style hot dog. Actually, who am I kidding? This is a Malaysian style hot dog.

KL Hokkien mee featured image

KL Hokkien mee

1 min read

Finally managed to cook my own version of hokkien mee at home.

Jatz with anchovies snack featured image

Jatz with anchovies snack

1 min read

My own version of the notorious dish from Kiln

Vegan poke bowl featured image

Vegan poke bowl

1 min read

Lyn's healthy detox lunch

Loh hei yee sang featured image

Loh hei yee sang

1 min read

Celebratory Malaysian Chinese New Year dish

Sardine Sandwich featured image

Sardine Sandwich

1 min read

Classic Malaysian simple dish

Simplest fried rice featured image

Simplest fried rice

1 min read

Seasoned with only salt and pepper

Chilli Jam Nasi Goreng featured image

Chilli Jam Nasi Goreng

1 min read

Fried rice with a difference

Kon Loh Mee recipe featured image

Kon Loh Mee recipe

3 min read

Here's a simple recipe for making Malaysian Kon Loh Mee or dry stirred noodles that only takes a few minutes!