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Category: music

I love listening, playing and composing music.

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My interests in music are broad, ranging from classical, jazz, contemporary to modern. My favourite composer of all time is probably Johann Sebastian Bach, but I also like many of the other classical composers. I listen to mostly Puccini and Wagner operas. In terms of jazz, I love Pat Metheny and Keith Jarrett. I also love electronic music, particularly Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre. My favourite minimalist composers are Brian Eno, Philip Glass, Steve Reich and John Adams. I listen to range of modern artists including Mike Oldfield, Pet Shop Boys, Madonna, Phil Collins. I also like playing the piano and guitar, and composing music, which I do in my own studio complete with mixing and monitoring consoles, digital audio workstation, and various instruments including a stage piano. I am also obsessed with synthesizers ever since I heard the music of Vangelis on the Cosmos TV series. I currently own a Kawai stage piano, several MIDI controllers (NI Komplete Kontrol A25 and S88MkII) and Maschine 3. I also own various virtual instruments (NI Komplete Ultimate, EastWest, SonicCouture, Sonokinetic, Korg, Roland, UVI). My favourite notation software are Notion and Finale, and I use Logic Pro X as my DAW.

Cleaning LPs featured image

Cleaning LPs

Bought a stack of LPs from Newtown

La Boheme featured image

La Boheme

Opera Australia production at the refurbished Joan Sutherland Theatre at the Opera House.

Technics SL1200 Mk 7 featured image

Technics SL1200 Mk 7

50th anniversary limited edition version of this iconic turntable

Chicago 18 featured image

Chicago 18

Found a Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) pressing

Carpenters featured image


Classic Carpenters self titled album

Dream featured image


Musical dream

Cinema Paradiso (string Orchestra) featured image

Cinema Paradiso (string Orchestra)

In memory of Ennio Morricone, a string orchestra arrangement of Cinema Paradiso, transcribed by me into Finale.

Winter Music (electronic 115bpm) featured image

Winter Music (electronic 115bpm)

My first project in Maschine 3 - a dance arrangement of Roger Eno's track from Between Tides album.

A Twin Peaks dream featured image

A Twin Peaks dream

Inspired by watching Twin Peaks The Return, here is a short electronic track, done in Logic Pro X and Native Instruments Komplete 11.

500 Miles High featured image

500 Miles High

This is my arrangement of Chick Corea's beautiful song for string quartet.

Memories of Tomorrow featured image

Memories of Tomorrow

This my attempt at jazz arrangement and improvisation, inspired by an assignment from Gary Burton's Jazz Improvisation course at Coursera.

Ave Maria (Vavilov) – Finale/GPO4 featured image

Ave Maria (Vavilov) – Finale/GPO4

This is my attempt at transcribing and arranging one of the most beautiful melodies I have heard.

Babylon 5 opening theme featured image

Babylon 5 opening theme

Original MIDI file downloaded from Chris Franke web site, reorchestrated using EWQL Gold and Logic Pro X.