Category: garden

Category: garden

We love beautiful gardens and try and visit as many as we can wherever we travel.

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We love visiting gardens, even though I am not a garderner. There is something peaceful and tranquil about the garden, as well as beauty.

Spring has arrived featured image

Spring has arrived

The garden in front of our house

Wonderland at The Grounds Alexandria featured image

Wonderland at The Grounds Alexandria

Make your way through the looking-glass into a topsy-turvy world inspired by the works of Lewis Carroll, where not everything is as it seems.

Southern Highlands trip Day 1 featured image

Southern Highlands trip Day 1

Girls road trip to Southern Highlands to visit Open Gardens

Mt Wilson trip featured image

Mt Wilson trip

Girls road trip to visit autumn gardens

Mayfield Garden featured image

Mayfield Garden

Mayfield Garden is a 65-hectare cool climate garden located in NSW between Oberon and Bathurst.