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Category: create

I love creating things, and this page summarises posts where I have created things.

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This includes art, music, software and design.

Bond ETF analysis continued featured image

Bond ETF analysis continued

A Look at CRED performance and composition

Bond ETF failure featured image

Bond ETF failure

A wakeup call for investors

ETF performance featured image

ETF performance

Compared to holding the underlying physical assets

Home Network featured image

Home Network

A new year to usher in a reconfiguration of our home network

Investment Thoughts for 2022 featured image

Investment Thoughts for 2022

We are living in "interesting times"

Portfolio Performance featured image

Portfolio Performance

Analysis of our portfolio November 2021-October 2022

Investment Update featured image

Investment Update

Reflections on our investment portfolio

Investment Update featured image

Investment Update

Update on our investment strategy

Captain's Log featured image

Captain's Log

Missing dry land

Lord of the Rings featured image

Lord of the Rings

Compared to the English social class hierarchy

Fixing my Epson Printer featured image

Fixing my Epson Printer

Rewatching and Rereading Tolkien Hobbit and Lord of the Rings

How to Draw Almost Every Day featured image

How to Draw Almost Every Day

I bought a book called "How to Draw Almost Every Day : An Illustrated Sourcebook" by "Kamo" and have been practising some of the drawings.

Cinema Paradiso (string Orchestra) featured image

Cinema Paradiso (string Orchestra)

In memory of Ennio Morricone, a string orchestra arrangement of Cinema Paradiso, transcribed by me into Finale.

Winter Music (electronic 115bpm) featured image

Winter Music (electronic 115bpm)

My first project in Maschine 3 - a dance arrangement of Roger Eno's track from Between Tides album.

A Twin Peaks dream featured image

A Twin Peaks dream

Inspired by watching Twin Peaks The Return, here is a short electronic track, done in Logic Pro X and Native Instruments Komplete 11.

500 Miles High featured image

500 Miles High

This is my arrangement of Chick Corea's beautiful song for string quartet.

Memories of Tomorrow featured image

Memories of Tomorrow

This my attempt at jazz arrangement and improvisation, inspired by an assignment from Gary Burton's Jazz Improvisation course at Coursera.

Ave Maria (Vavilov) – Finale/GPO4 featured image

Ave Maria (Vavilov) – Finale/GPO4

This is my attempt at transcribing and arranging one of the most beautiful melodies I have heard.

Puppies featured image


Pencil drawing of a group of puppies

Babylon 5 opening theme featured image

Babylon 5 opening theme

Original MIDI file downloaded from Chris Franke web site, reorchestrated using EWQL Gold and Logic Pro X.

Polar Cub featured image

Polar Cub

Pencil drawing of a polar cub resting