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Articles 1-10 (total 10)

Flower blouse featured image

Flower blouse

1 min read

Purchased from a Korean shop

Flower outfit for lunch featured image

Flower outfit for lunch

1 min read

Flowery jacket, blouse and skirt

Size XL dress featured image

Size XL dress

1 min read

In Cabramatta I am a giant

Pink outfit featured image

Pink outfit

1 min read

A bit cold today

Flower dress featured image

Flower dress

1 min read

Reflections on my health

Flower lace dress featured image

Flower lace dress

1 min read

Visiting the Bundanoon Garden Ramble

Spring outfit featured image

Spring outfit

1 min read

Flowery skirt, pink jacket, hat and blouse

Spring has arrived featured image

Spring has arrived

1 min read

The garden in front of our house