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Masak masak

Cooking a variety of dishes at Eemie's place

Chris Tham Chris Tham Wednesday, 22 February 2023 at 5:00:00 pm AEDT 1 min read

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Masak masak Masak masak
Masak masak
Masak masak (2) Masak masak (2)
Masak masak (2)

From makan makan to masak masak - cooking session hosted by Eemie Ong and featuring a variety of dishes including Adeline Lamond’s secret family recipe for yee sang, nin gao, goreng pisang, fried pineapple, fried Mars bars, king prawns, okra, fried rice, salted fish and finishing off with delicious estella and fruit platter. So full I can barely stand up. Great views from Eemie’s floor!

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