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Pork Luncheon Meat fried rice

Fried rice with pork luncheon meat and vegetables

Chris Tham Chris Tham Monday, 4 April 2022 at 1:00:00 pm AEST 1 min read

Fried rice with pork luncheon meat and olive greens: I have been threatening to cook this dish for a while now, to the point my friends are starting to ask when will I cook it. Today’s the day! The secret is to make sure the pork luncheon meat is well rendered (nobody likes soft lardy pieces), and the rice is well separated. Don’t overtoss or the rice will start breaking.

The pork luncheon meat is marinated with egg batter and wok fried until crispy, and then veges (carrots and beans) and aromats (garlic and shallots) are added, before finishing with rice and egg.

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