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Articles 1-5 (total 5)

Half Monty results featured image

Half Monty results

1 min read

My FTP has improved slightly

Tour of Tasmania on Wahoo SYSTM featured image

Tour of Tasmania on Wahoo SYSTM

1 min read

Finally completed Tour of Tasmania indoor cycling

Completed the Sufferfest featured image

Completed the Sufferfest

1 min read

Did (almost) every single Sufferfest workout on Wahoo SYSTM

Wahoo SYSTM 4DP Profile featured image

Wahoo SYSTM 4DP Profile

1 min read

I finally completed my 4DP Profile on Wahoo SYSTEM

Stationary bike featured image

Stationary bike

1 min read

Resurrecting the Olmo Kurva as a stationary bike with Wahoo KIKCR Snap