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A new year to usher in a reconfiguration of our home network

Chris Tham Chris Tham Monday, 30 January 2023 at 11:00:00 am AEDT 3 min read

I’ve finally decided to reconfigure our home network to use purely Telstra Smart Modems (Gen 2) as the backbone and wi fi infrastructure.

Commands to configure modems

This assumes the modem has root access enabled as per Hacking Technicolor Gateways.

I have 4 Telstra Smart Modems (Gen 2) - model DJA0231 made by Technicolor. These can easily be hacked to provide root access using tch-exploit

The specs are:

Dual Band Concurrent Wi-Fi
4x4 2.4ghz, 4x4 5ghz
LTE-BackupYes – Voice & Data
Voice2x FXS ports
Automatic Channel Selection
Wi-Fi Dr enabled
Ports1 x USB 2.0
1 x Gigabit WAN
4 x Gigabit LAN

I used tch-gui-unhide to unlock the GUI to access additional features and to configure 1 modem as the main router and the additional 3 modems as Wi Fi Booster devices using Ethernet as the backhaul.

For the main router:

wget http://fwstore.bdms.telstra.net/Technicolor_vcnt-a_20.3.c.0389-MR20-RA/vcnt-a_20.3.c.0389-MR20-RA.rbi
././safe-firmware-upgrade -b -c -d -e vcnt-a_20.3.c.0389-MR20-RA.rbi
./reset-to-factory-defaults-with-root -b -c -d -e
./de-telstra -kl -km -kn -kq -ks -kx -d christham.net -my -o (for the router)
opkg update
opkg install snmpd

For the boosters:

wget http://fwstore.bdms.telstra.net/Technicolor_vcnt-a_20.3.c.0389-MR20-RA/vcnt-a_20.3.c.0389-MR20-RA.rbi
././safe-firmware-upgrade -b -c -d -e -I 192.168.0.x vcnt-a_20.3.c.0389-MR20-RA.rbi
./reset-to-factory-defaults-with-root -b -c -d -e -I 192.168.0.x
./de-telstra -S -M -G -ma
./tch-gui-unhide -hs -y
./bridged-booster -i 192.168.0.x -6
opkg update
opkg install snmpd

Network Diagrams

Three cheongsams
Zeal of Zebras North ride