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Akuna Bay anticlockwise (Video)

Part of Lane Covelo ride

Chris Tham Chris Tham Saturday, 26 November 2022 at 8:00:00 am AEDT 1 min read

Terrey Hills to McCarrs Creek. I was trying to get to the front of the pack before the descent. I thought we were going into Akuna Bay, but we went down McCarrs Creek instead. I am not familiar with the descent, and it scared me so I slowed down towards the end.

Descending into Akuna Bay anti clockwise. I did it very slowly as the roads were wet and the route is quite treacherous with sudden sharp turns. I have heard many stories of cyclists having accidents here, including a friend who fell off the cliff and had to be helicoptered out. I passed by what looked like the scene of an accident at the embankment on a turn, but I think its all being sorted out. This is not my favourite route, as the climb involves gradients of up to 12%, which is at the limit of my cycling ability. Fortunately I survived, and hovered at close to my max heart rate for the climb.

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