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Vivid Darling Harbour

Vivid installations around Darling Harbour

Chris Tham Chris Tham Thursday, 2 June 2022 at 9:00:00 pm AEST 3 min read

Exploring more Vivid Sydney #vividsydney at Darling Harbour, including the National Maritime Museum and Cockle Bay Wharf.

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Love the pink and blue display at ICC during Vivid

Vivid House

Best surround experience ever - the Vivid House at Vivid Sydney #vividsydney features full 360 degree screen and surround audio plus ceiling lights. This is Progressum

The Goods Line

Exploring Vivid Sydney #vividsydney at The Goods Line and Darling Square. Love “Convergence” - felt like we were living in The Matrix! Also liked the tiny sculptures depicting aspects of Sydney

Frankly, My Dear …

See Frank Gehry’s design for the UTS School of Business in a whole new light. Brave architecture enriches great cities and, here, designer Sinclair Park reveals how “the unique and playful nature of this building makes it an irresistible canvas for a light artist”.

By illuminating its windows with colour-changing cove lights and wall grazers, Sinclair accents the crumpled-looking exposed brick form with jewel bright hues. Seen from the Goods Line, Frank Gehry’s unmistakable ‘paper bag’ aesthetic suddenly looks as enticing as a bag of mixed lollies.

Careful manipulation of these sources and hues creates wonderful juxtapositions of colour, geometry, and texture. The dynamic light show also responds to the level of activity in the area, transitioning from frenetic pulsing of saturated colour during ‘peak hour’ to a more subdued and relaxed feeling as the evening winds down.

Sydney Infinity

A spectacular light and water show at Darling Harbour.

Designed and purpose built for Vivid Sydney, hundreds of multi-textured jets and nozzles fan water into shifting shapes and expressive fountains, all set to a soundtrack that delves into the soul of Sydney. An impressive array of 48 compressed-air water cannons delivers a powerful crescendo of visual wonder and sonic blast-waves guaranteed to rock your senses.

The infinity shaped floating installation comprises over 250 metres of robotic fountains that can throw an amazing NINE tonnes of water in the air in only ONE second! When simultaneously lit by thousands of powerful LEDs, suddenly you have a fantastic dance of liquid and light that is a must-see.

Central Station

Wanna see me dance? I am the one on the left - a digital silhouette of me is projected on the clock tower of Sydney Central Station.

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House of Bombay Bar
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