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Southern Highlands trip Day 2

Continuing our visit to Southern Highlands Open Gardens

Chris Tham Chris Tham Sunday, 24 April 2022 at 6:00:00 pm AEST 3 min read

Exploring Bundanoon Hotel.

We’ve been told its haunted. I didn’t see any ghosts, but I did have a restless night because of the hotel’s proximity to the rail line. I developed an intimacy with the schedule of freight trains.

Breakfast at Primula Cafe.

I saw the roasted vegetables at the bainmarie and couldn’t resist, so had them with an omelette. Also saw an adorable cat that was sassy enough to pose for me/ We also saw a freight train passing through the station and I realised what kept me awake at night.

Quintessential Exeter

We stopped at Exeter to visit a quaint shop called Quintessential Exeter. Some amazing clothes, shoes and accessories here! The owner Rachel was super friendly and put some paw stickers on my camera!

Abbi Park

A large town garden with interesting rooms and spaces utilising the sloping site to its best advantage. A board walk, birch grove, children’s garden and palatial chicken run the envy of the neighbours.. Love the swing!

Upper Woodlands

A substantial 6 acres country garden, with extensive formal gardens, water features, sculptures and stone work in a hilltop location with wonderful views. For many of us, this was our favourite garden as there were so many things to see. The green covered pond was so still and tranquil a boy accidentally fell into it thinking it was ground!

Autumn Leaves

just some random autumn leaves on trees on the side of the road, somewhere in Bowral.

Aylmerton House

A romantic country garden surrounding the 1878 sandstone house. The garden is filled with an eclectic array of interesting plants and mature trees, including a weeping golden cypress. We arrived here just before closing, but managed to see most of garden before the rain arrived. It has seen better times, but the new owners are busy trying to restore it to its former glory. Loved the vine covered house.

Leighton Gardens

We passed this at Moss Vale and couldn’t resist stopping. #@Margaret Stow and I were practising our poses, the rest of the ladies just laughed at us.

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