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Easter Girls Road trip Day 2

Visiting the spectacular Mayfield Gardens

Chris Tham Chris Tham Wednesday, 13 April 2022 at 6:00:00 pm AEST 2 min read

We were so keen to get to Mayfield Garden we arrived an hour before they open. It’s interesting to see the visitor centre completely empty and a unique opportunity to take photos completely devoid of other visitors.

Breakfast at Mayfield Garden. We originally wanted to eat at Oberon, but couldn’t find any place open with seating for 8, so we decided to have it in the garden instead. We all ordered the big brekkie (except 1 person) and it was super delicious - one of the best I have ever had. Ready to start the garden tour!

Under the expert guidance of Fifi Harris Kitchen, I think we must have taken photos at the Mayfield Garden Water Garden from every conceivable angle and every pose known to mankind. So much fun though! The other half of us raced off the chapel! Luckily we didn’t spot any snakes, despite the warning sign.

In the “race” to the Chapel, we went through the grotto, and then got side tracked taking photos at a “secret” rock garden with multiple waterfalls.

Teams A and B were reunited at the chapel, carefully avoiding the hordes of snakes along the way (joke - we didn’t actually see any snakes). We were so happy we had a “reuniting” ceremony, and after that went to the Chook Hilton and the maze. Lots of fun there, but we were tired and it was getting late. So we decided to head back, stopping at the Chinese Pagoda.

Final set of photos from Mayfield Garden. We took additional photos of the Water Garden just before leaving, then had some food at the cafe. The clouds were coming in, and a beautiful rainbow could be seen in the horizon, so it was the perfect moment to leave and drive off. Just as well, because it started raining soon afterwards and became very misty. The end of a beautiful trip with beautiful friends - memories we will treasure forever!

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