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My M10 camera and M mount lenses

Chris Tham Chris Tham Wednesday, 23 March 2022 at 11:00:00 am AEDT 2 min read

For those of you interested, I started collecting Leica lenses about 10 years ago. At that time, I was using them with my Sony body, and Leica lenses were relatively cheap 2nd hand and gave really good results with Sony.

Well, one thing led to another and eventually I own almost every lens ever made in the Summicron range (the exception being the 75mm, I can’t quite bring myself to spending thousands of dollars on a focal length that I rarely use), plus a few earlier ones that are older than me. I have bought Leica lenses from around the world, including Hong Kong and the USA. But I think Australia has some of the best pricing for 2nd hand Leica lenses.

Leica lenses are all hand-made, exclusively by women (supposedly because the fairer sex have more precise fingers). Mine are all made in Germany apart from the Summicron 90mm which is made in Canada.

I eventually bought a Leica M10 about 5 years ago and it is still my favourite camera. Using a Leica camera together with Leica lenses can only be described as pure photography joy - it’s the ultimate expression of what a camera should be, and makes using any other camera feel yuckky. Modern digital cameras have no soul, they automate everything and frustrate a photographer. With a Leica, there is no camera, everything is an extension of the photographer’s intent and vision.

My favourite lenses are obviously the Holy Trinity: the Summicron-M 28, 35, 50mm - any photo that cannot be taken on these lenses are not worth taking (haha - joke, but many photographers will nod their head). My complete M-mount system includes lenses from Voigtländer and Carl Zeiss.


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