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Char Kuay Teow Party

Gotong royong session to create this iconic Malaysian dish

Chris Tham Chris Tham Wednesday, 23 March 2022 at 2:00:00 pm AEDT 2 min read

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CKT Party CKT Party
CKT Party
CKT Party (1) CKT Party (1)
CKT Party (1)

CKT (Char Kuay Teow) Party at Cat-town! We decided to hold the event at the last minute, so the Gotong Royong Girls scrambled to source the ingredients.

To ensure we get the best possible outcome, we separated the rice noodles into individual strands so they get consistent oil and sauce coverage, and we are using a home made sauce. Plus we plucked out the tails from the bean sprouts (I think it took 3-4 of us over an hour but oh so worth it).

Each of us took turns to cook CKT, and we tried each other’s versions. Then we cooked another batch to take home.

One useful tip is to turn the burner into high heat for the last 10 seconds. This completely changes the flavour of the dish and adds the extra “wok hei” complexity.

I must admit, after this experience, it is going to be so much harder to eat CKT outside. I am not saying we are great cooks (some of us are, me … not so much) but DIY allows us to tailor the dish to our liking (for example, I like my lap cheong burnt to a crisp for maximum flavour). I am now so sated I don’t need to eat CKT for another month (ok, maybe 1 week).

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