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Best Hainan Chicken in town

Lai Lai at Eastwood Eat Street

Chris Tham Chris Tham Monday, 21 March 2022 at 2:00:00 pm AEDT 1 min read

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Lai Lai Lai Lai
Lai Lai

Revisited the Eastwood chicken rice shop (Lai Lai) with the Gotong Royong Girls. Ordered nasi lemak and hor fun in addition to chicken rice. I must say, although the chicken rice is still nice, the other dishes are not impressive. Plus service was super slow, even though we were one of the first ones to order. After that we went to Blackball for dessert. In the afternoon, decided to have a 2nd lunch by visiting the Traditional Cantonese Taste place that serves Guandong style cheong fun. This was really nice.

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