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artist, consultant, cyclist, designer, musician, photographer, world traveller.

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Sunday Dose Breakfast

(Not) post ride breakfast with Zeal of Zebras

Don’t be fooled by the photo of me wearing cycling clothes. I actually woke up late, missed the ride, and ended up cycling indoors. But I decided to join the...

Palace Gardens

A few shots taken at the Palace Gardens on the M10

The Palace Gardens is part of the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney. It was the site of the massive Garden Palace that was built to house the Sydney Internation...

The Tham (譚) surname

The History of of the Tham (譚) surname (Tan in Hanyu Pinyin)

The surname Tham (譚) is pronounced and romanised differently in different languages and dialects: Tan (Hokkien Chinese and Mandarin Chinese) Tan (Jap...

My Great Grandfather

The History of Kapitan Tham Yong

My great grandfather was Tam Yong (father of towkay Tan Yee Man), Kapitan China of Seremban. According to Wikipedia: Kapitan Cina, also spelled Kapitan C...