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In a junket helicopter in Japan

Chris Tham Chris Tham Tuesday, 18 October 2022 at 11:00:00 am AEDT 3 min read

Wow what a dream! I am in Japan, and for some reason I need to change out of the clothes I am currently in, into another outfit. Unfortunately, the toilet cubicles are far too small for me to change. I mentioned my plight, and a man said he knows of this “secret room” that is big enough for me to change.

He offered to take me there. Unfortunately, the room was inside the male toilets. Embarrassed, I told him I didn’t want to go, I could already see several men doing their business in the male toilet.

When I came out of the toilet, there were several security guards waiting for me. Apparently I am in Big Trouble to going to the male toilet, and they escorted me to a waiting helicopter.

The helicopter was huge, and luxuriously appointed. It was big enough to sit at least a dozen people in comfortable recliners. They told me to sit in a corner and not participate with the others in the helicopter. Meekly, I complied.

The helicopter lifted off. Soon we were crossing Tokyo Bay, and heading towards a wooded area on the other side. I can see a Shinkansen snaking its way across the countryside.

Soon, they thawed towards me and said I can come up front and watch the video. There is a big video screen which is showing some sort of walk-through/flyby through several buildings in a coastal town. It became apparent this is a promotional video for a theme park. The buildings look familiar and reminded me of various films I have seen.

One woman asked me where I was from and was intrigued when I replied Australia. She has evidently never been to Australia, and asked me if it was possible to get Japanese food in Australia. She was very surprised when I said there are lots of Japanese restaurants in Australia, and you can even buy a lot of stuff from Japanese supermarkets. She asked about breakfast items, so I told her you can even buy natto, and she was shocked.

I then realised my predicament for wanting to change still remains. In fact, I am not wearing any panties, because my panties are still in the handbag. Embarrassed, I wondered if there was a way of putting on the panties discreetly in a corner, because I don’t really want to stain the seats since my skirt is very short and basically my private parts are in full contact with the seat.

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