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Wandering in a bookshop

Chris Tham Chris Tham Thursday, 22 September 2022 at 10:00:00 am AEST 2 min read

Today’s dream: I am on bus going home. The bus normally stops close to our house, but today for some reason terminated a few stops early. Rather than wait for the next bus, I decided to walk home.

On the way, I passed through a terrace house that has been converted into a shop. The window display looked interesting, so I decided to pop in.

I thought it might be a photography supplies shop, but that turned out to be window dressing, it is actually a bookshop. The owner was a bit surprised to see me, and said they are closing soon. I said that’s okay as I will just browse until closing time.

The shop/house turned out to be a lot bigger than I thought. From street level, it seemed like a single storey, but it is built on the side of a hill and has multiple levels stretching all the way down to the back street down the hill.

The level below the main store is the children’s section. It is very whimsically decorated and I enjoyed it immensely. Below that is a second hand section. I had a slightly uncomfortable feeling these books are not a random selection but the previous owner’s collection. There were a lot of music books and books from specific authors and subjects. Below that the carpet gets a bit moldy and there was a damp smell.

On the lowest level, there is an open space which used to be a garage but has been converted into a stationery and knick knack area of the bookshop. I saw a robot dressed as a policeman and to my surprise it started to dance! It looked very realistic and I thought it was a human at first but it moved a little too quick to be organic.

After the robots, a baby elephant and a giraffe danced. These are animatronic robots too. A crowd started gathering to watch the robots. I took out my camera and started filming a video.

The last robot was a bit creepy. It was actually dressed as a metallic robot, but it seemed sentient, it was interacting with the audience and speaking to them. It seemed to know who I am, and it made a racist joke about the two Sri Lankans next to me that I was very uncomfortable with.

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