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Joining an ultra secret cabal

Chris Tham Chris Tham Saturday, 30 July 2022 at 10:00:00 am AEST 2 min read

Wow, what a strange dream. There is an opportunity for me to join an ultra secret cabal of mega rich people. You won’t believe the schemes and capers the society will participate in to further increase their wealth and power. Not only will I be in the midst of things, I can be the person they turn to for advice, who vets and validates their ventures. In other words, I am the uber consultant.

I have a chance to replace the current incumbent, who is retiring. I arranged to board a flight that he was on, and I have a friend who is an airline stewardess who arranged for both of us to sit together, and she also put in a good word for me.

I was told to wear a mega expensive ultra rare watch, to prove my membership of the group. Of course, he noticed my watch, and noticed the slight scratch on it, which proved that I have been wearing it for years, and not just borrowed it from someone. We started talking, and by the time the plane landed we were friends.

He mentored me for a while, before I was ready to take the role. There was a huge dinner held in my honour, and I proved my worth by providing a report on the current status of all activities. People were clamouring to get me involved in their new ideas. The dinner ended up costing $919 per person, which I thought was worth it.

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