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Chris Tham Chris Tham Wednesday, 20 July 2022 at 10:00:00 am AEST 1 min read

Weird dream: My father have enrolled both of us back into university, somewhere in the US. Apparently we are studying philosophy. We are staying at some sort of dorm house, and I have a room to myself. I just went through what I packed in my suitcase: it is full of what I call “play clothes” (sexy and slinky numbers to wear at a party or nightclub) or “lounge wear” (cute fleecy stuff to wear indoors) - there is almost nothing practical to attend classes in. I am obviously not planning on doing a lot of studying. I remember telling a dorm mate I am frustrated we are in the middle of winter. I can’t wait for summer and I’ll buy a bicycle and explore the countryside. I am looking forward to the intro session to meet my new classmates, but dreading the sort of people who you might meet in a philosophy class.

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