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Sports car

Chris Tham Chris Tham Saturday, 25 June 2022 at 10:00:00 am AEST 2 min read

I dreamt I bought a sports car. Second hand, and red of course (wouldn’t choose any other colour). I think it’s a Maserati, although on reflection it could have been a Lamborghini. I remember trying to decide between two cars, and I ended up choosing based purely on looks, even though someone warned me Lambos can be temperamental.

Anyway its very Italian looking, and the profile is so sleek and low I was seriously wondering how I will be able to get into it wearing a miniskirt without exposing myself.

It doesn’t have a gearbox, it seems to intelligently sequentially shift based on driving conditions. If I floor the pedal, it figures out I want to drag race and will shift as late as possible and optimally for maximum acceleration. I can paddle shift if I want to. In normal driving conditions, it shifts so smoothly and imperceptibly it feels like the CVT that I had in the Audi A4 I used to own in real life, and in the Honda Civic I own today.

Anyway, it developed a slight mechanical problem, so I had to take it in for repairs. By the time I picked up the car, it was peak hour, so it was frustrating trying to get out of the city, all the freeways were packed. I ended up navigating through cobbled side alleys.

Suddenly a group of Asian girls stepped on the road and I had to brake hard to avoid hitting them. Before I could do anything else, they started dancing in front of me in a K-pop routine.

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