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Vaccination at Manus Island

Chris Tham Chris Tham Thursday, 16 June 2022 at 10:00:00 am AEST 2 min read

Today’s dream - I am booked for a vaccination, but for some reason it is held at Manus Island. I thought I would need to fly there, but I have discovered they have towed the island into Sydney Harbour and it’s now next to the Domain. They have done land reclamation around it, so now you can walk to it.

We took a bus, but it landed at the wrong area, where they are still processing boat people. We had to prove that we were Australian citizens in order to leave the compound, and by that time the queue for the vaccination was super long, and additional busloads were arriving.

Someone taught us a short cut. The queue snaked right through a large formal garden, but we can take an alternate path through a cafe. Provided we buy an orange juice for $10, we can skip most of the queue.

Anyway, it developed a slight mechanical problem, so I had to take it in for repairs. By the time I picked up the car, it was peak hour, so it was frustrating trying to get out of the city, all the freeways were packed. I ended up navigating through cobbled side alleys.

Suddenly a group of Asian girls stepped on the road and I had to brake hard to avoid hitting them. Before I could do anything else, they started dancing in front of me in a K-pop routine.

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