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Wish fulfillment as a design consultant

Chris Tham Chris Tham Sunday, 22 May 2022 at 10:00:00 am AEST 2 min read

Wow, what an amazing wish fulfillment fantasy dream! I was going out for dinner with a friend, and he was describing the problems he was having at work. Apparently they were having problems choosing between two designs. I said I have never had any problems making design decisions and justifying them. He set a challenge, and asked me to pick between two very similar bathroom designs, and explain my rationale to someone I didn’t know on the end of a phone.

The two bathroom designs look very similar, different only in minor details. I was about to randomly pick Bathroom A, on the basis that the fixtures had a little bit more bling and chrome, but then I realised this was a trick choice. Bathroom B had more refined and higher quality fixtures, and overall the placement of the fixtures were a little more balanced. So I explained all this to the disembodied person over the phone.

To my surprise, my dinner companion and the person over the phone were amazed and impressed with what is essentially just me opening my big mouth.

After that I had a lucrative career as a design consultant. I flew all over the world just give people my opinion of different designs.

One day a client commented on my dress sense (wearing different shades of pink). I had a rant that it actually makes more sense to focus on a single colour and create an outfit out of different shades and patterns than using multiple colours, which fashion designers seldom do. Next thing I know, I am being approached by various fashion houses wanting to collaborate with me. That was incredibly ego stroking.

I woke up feeling super satisfied and happy.

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