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New job

Chris Tham Chris Tham Thursday, 5 May 2022 at 10:00:00 am AEST 2 min read

Weird dream: I started a new job, and I need to be in Room 5A. For some reason, I just cannot find it!

The building is modern and funky, with brightly coloured walls and floors, but it’s a spiral architecture, so if you keep on walking along a curved corridor, eventually you will be on another level (just like in Macquarie Centre).

The signs are confusing and conflicting, at it seemed at one stage there were two 5As and one of them was on Level 6! I passed through the cafeteria, and there were some amazing looking lounge and reception rooms that I would love to have posed and taken a selfie in, but no time …

I finally found a staircase that led to the side of the building next to a canal that I was sure where 5A was, however I located 5B and 5C but no 5A. I needed to go to the toilet by this stage, so I went. The bathroom was spacious but weird. There is just one toilet in a corner, without a cubicle, so I was forced to lock the main door to the bathroom. The rest of the space was filled with 2 massive showers. Seriously, a dozen people could have a shower party here!

Anyway, after my toilet stop, I continued searching and found myself on street level where the shops are. In contrast to the funky design upstairs, the street level looks almost like a theme park recreation of Europe, complete with cobbled streets, French doors, brickwork etc.

I don’t think I ever found 5A in the dream, so I guess I probably got fired.

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