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Two dreams

Chris Tham Chris Tham Tuesday, 11 January 2022 at 11:00:00 am AEDT 3 min read

Two weird dreams.

No 1. I managed to escape from a big house through the drains. The house actually reminded me somewhat of my high school in Malaysia. Anyway, I started being chased by the police, but I managed to escape by hiding in a truck, with the assistance of the truck driver who befriended me. He took me back to his house, and his mother proceeded to serve us lunch. I tried to explain to his mother that we are on the run and need to move quickly, but she didn’t understand. Just as we left the house, I discovered the police has caught up to us accompanied by the army, and a soldier lobbed a grenade towards us. Just as I picked up the grenade, the dream ended (I suspect I was killed).

No 2. I am at my parents’ house, and we have just finished a huge feast, and I am in a food coma. I decided to shake it off by going for a walk and taking photos of birds. I put on a large telephoto lens on my camera. My mother decided she needs to go to the city, and she is getting a lift from Malcolm Turnbull. I decided to tag along. Malcolm is angry with me because I asked him to stop at Centennial Park - this is just after he had drove past Centennial Park. I said to him I wanted to go to the park when I stepped into the car, he wasn’t listening. Anyway, I said I was happy to be dropped off at the bus stop, so he left me there unceremoniously and drove off. I then realised I forgot the house keys. My father is at home, but he is hard of hearing and I wasn’t sure he will answer the door. I looked around, and I saw someone who looked a bit like my mother at the bus stop. I approached and asked her in Cantonese when she will be returning home. To my surprise, it turned out the woman wasn’t my mother, it was a Caucasian woman. To my greater surprise, she can speak Cantonese. Not only did she understand what I asked, she also corrected my poor grammar and said I should have asked what time she will be back, not when. Her Cantonese was really good - she had a slight accent but her grammar and vocabulary was much more extensive than mine.

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