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Passo dello Stelvio

Climbing the famous mountain on RGT

Chris Tham Chris Tham Thursday, 6 January 2022 at 11:00:00 am AEDT 2 min read

Finally finished climbing Passo dello Stelvio on RGT Cycling on my third attempt. Round trip of 28 km, 1113m ascent in 2 hours.

On my first attempt, FCUK, it’s difficult with gradients from 9-12% - I was in the lowest gear the whole time. I didn’t have time to finish the climb - I gave up after the first QOM point and turned around and cycled back.

On my second attempt, I didn’t realise the gradient actually goes up to 20% on the second QOM. I tried getting off the saddle, but managed to yank the chain off the cassette and twisted the derailleur. So, I now have a broken bicycle with a trashed chain and a non functioning derailleur. I need to assess whether the bike is worth repairing, given it’s over 10 years old.

For my third attempt, I just used the lowest gear on my Trek Madone and grinded my way to the top at 60 rpm. The last 3km was the toughest, I had to stop at the side of the road and drank a whole glass of fruit juice. My cycling kit was completely drenched - it was as if I had stepped into a swimming pool.

The reward was being able to descend all the way back to the bottom at 60 km/h and RGT upgrading my FTP to 190 watts.

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