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A series of dreams

Various dreams set in the city

Chris Tham Chris Tham Friday, 19 November 2021 at 11:00:00 am AEDT 2 min read

Dream #1: I am taking photos of a friend who has just had a baby. Suddenly she is taking photos of me holding the baby. For some reason, we are at Daiso, and the staff thought it was my baby and started showering us with little Daiso knick knacks as gifts.

Dream #2: I am visiting an indoor garden exhibition inside a shopping centre. For some reason, I managed to get free entry because I convinced the attendant I just wanted to take some quick photos. Once inside, I realised it was huge, possibly an entire floor of a large shopping centre, big enough to contain several buildings including a tall tower.

Dream #3: I am wandering around the city at night, and it’s very dystopian and high tech, like Blade Runner. I needed to go to the toilet, and found myself queuing with a lot of people, male and female (obviously, the toilet is unisex). One woman behind me was so desperate she rushed in to grab an empty cubicle I wasn’t willing to go to because it looked filthy. When I finally got to a spare cubicle, it was very narrow so I could barely move in it. The walls are mirror like, so I can see a reflection of myself. It was then I realised I was wearing an impossibly short mini skirt and sheer pantyhose, so I am one of those people that believe panty hose counts as protective clothing.

Lunch at Campsie followed by tea at Cindys