This Website

Technical Details

Technologies used in creating this website

This site is written using the Astro framework and static site generator. It is written in Typescript and TailwindCSS. It supports Markdown and MDX based pages and blog posts.


It uses the following official and third party Astro integrations:

  • @astrojs/mdx
  • @astrojs/image
  • @astrojs/sitemap
  • @astrojs/rss
  • @astrojs/tailwind
  • @astrojs/alpinejs
  • astro-icon
  • astro-seo
  • astro-robots-txt


  • Full-featured blog with frontmatter (title, description, author, date, image, tags)
  • High performance low overhead with minimal Javascript (AlpineJS)
  • Full text client based search of blog pages via lunrjs (search index only loaded on first invocation of search on a page)
  • Index page and individual pages for authors, categories and tags, including pagination
  • Support for RSS feed, sitemap and robots.txt
  • SVG design (unDraw, Hero Patterns, Iconify)
  • Support for code syntax highlighting
  • Full SEO support including Open Graph, Twitter Cards and via JSON-LD
  • Full support for Light and dark UI modes, as well as following system preferences, in accordance to TailwindCSS recommendation
  • Customised 404 error page
  • Display math equations using KaTeX via remark-math/rehype-katex (enclosed in $$ or $$$$)
  • Display Mermaid, Markmap, PlantUML diagrams (authored as a code block with language mermaid, markmap and plantuml)
  • Display map at geo coordinates and zoom level using Map component (need to also include extra: ['map'] is frontmatter to load CSS/JS assets for page)
  • Calculates and show reading time for blog posts
  • CSS/JS assets of external libraries loaded only when needed on a per page and per package basis - no unnecessary bloat
  • Photo gallery and lightbox using PhotoSwipe (including display of EXIF tags)
  • Carousel component using Swiper
  • Documentation pages (modelled after astro docs starter but using Tailwind)

External Packages

The start uses the following external packages:

It follows the JAMstack architecture by automatically building a static version from the Git repository. The demo is deployed on Github Pages.