Hello world

Hello world

My name is Chris Tham. My Chinese name is 譚榮嘉 (Tham Wing Kah).

My Chinese Name

I live in Sydney, and love art, cycling, design, fashion, photography, music, and travel (not necessarily in those order). My work life has focused on technology and strategy, mainly in the finance industry, but I recently retired (in 2020) so I spend my time focusing on my interests, including studying Buddhist texts.

On this website, I will share mainly my personal photos and thoughts. I also have a selective biography of my background and my life, only if you are interested. It is revisionist and selective, because I have chosen not to reveal every sordid detail about myself.

I have had many unhappy, disappointing and regretful moments in my life, but I have chosen not to include them here. So what you are reading on these pages is essentially the happy version of my life.

I have also deliberately excluded talking about my personal relationships, so you won’t a lot of mention of my family, my marriage and partner in life, my friends etc. This is not a kiss and tell all biography, and I am sure some people would like their privacy and would not care to have their relationship with me dissected and exposed. I do have a partner, and we have been together since 1989 but that’s all I’ll say (for now). Anyway, this site is all about me, me, me :-)