This is the main section of the website, and covers my notes and summaries of key concepts from the Pāli Canon (Tipiṭaka) and also Pāli as a language. It also contains references to other resources such as websites, books, and other learning aids.


Background and various articles not related to learning Pāli or the Pāli canon.

A Beginner (Non-Linguist) Guide to Learning Pali

My work in progress textbook on learning Pali, based on Kaccāyana Pali Vyākaraṇam, the oldest extant Pali grammar book

Sutta Piṭaka

Summary of key concepts from the Basket of Discourses

Abhidhamma Piṭaka

Summary of key concepts from the Abhidhamma

𑀓𑀘𑁆𑀘𑀸𑀬𑀦 (Kaccāyana)

My translation of the earliest available Pāli grammar into modern English, accompanied by diagrams.

Pali Learning Notes and Answers to Warder's textbook

Notes from the Pali course based on Warder’s “Introduction to Pali”


Buddhist resources

Contribution Guidelines

How to contribute to the website

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