About buddhavacana

This website documents my journey reading and studying Buddhist texts, primarily from the Pāli Canon (Tipiṭaka) but also supplementary books and articles. My intent is to rely as much on the original Pāli terms and text where possible, and only rely on English translations as an interim aid to understanding.

About Me

Chris Tham, photo taken at Nan Tien Temple in 2014

My name is Chris Tham. I discovered Buddhism in my early teens, whilst visiting Singapore during a school vacation. An uncle took us to a Buddhist temple, and afterwards gave me a book called "What Buddhists Believe" by Dr K Sri Dhammananda. I read the whole book overnight and it all made sense to me, so I informally became a Buddhist after that.

Much later on, I stumbled upon another book called "The Buddha's Explanation of the Universe" by C.P. Ranasinghe which purports to explain in greater explain "Life, the Universe, and Everything" from a Buddhist perspective. These were taken from the Abhidhamma section of the Tipiṭaka. I wanted to study the original texts directly but at that time translations to English were not easily available. For years, I asked anyone who was visiting India or Sri Lanka to buy me books on the Abhidhamma and over the years I have a collected a few works but never the discourses themselves.

With a brand new translation of the Tipiṭaka now available on SuttaCentral I can finally study the actual text of the Tipiṭaka which has resulted in the creation of this site.

About this website

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