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Wong Time Again Lunch

Celebration of Lance Wong

Chris Tham Chris Tham 2022-09-07 2 min read

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Wong Time Again Lunch: What a beautiful way to celebrate the life and friendship of a dear friend, Lance Wong, who owned The Malaya. Besides being a successful restaurateur who established one of the earliest and most well known and frequented Malaysian restaurants in Sydney, at a period of time when some people probably couldn’t spell Malaysia, or know where it was, let alone sampled the cuisine.

I’ve been a customer since the 1990s, but it wasn’t until the last 15 years or so that I realised Lance was a keen cyclist as well, and I’ve had the privilege of cycling with him to many places and enjoyed his company. Today I learnt there was another side to Lance, and he was a keen skier as well and I had the pleasure of meeting some of his skiing buddies.

Sadly, Lance left us all too soon in 2018 but it is a testament to the man’s impact on his many friends that over 20 of us still found it a priority and a pleasure to celebrate him every year at The Malaya with his family. Years may have passed but our memory of him has not dimmed.

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