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Cooking with wok and gas!

Stir fried veges and tofu

Chris Tham Chris Tham 2022-06-23 1 min read

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My first experience cooking with a cast iron wok (bought from Campsie Town) and a portable gas burner (TopStar, bought from a Korean supermarket in Eastwood).

Initialised the wok today with my first dishes - decided to cook stir fry tofu and vegetables (cauliflower, okra and carrot), and a simple fried rice (egg, garlic and rice plus seasoning).

Wow, what can I say! I have been missing out for my entire cooking life! The vegetables are cooked with the crunchiness intact and no sweating, and the aromats are charred without being burnt or hard. The fried rice .. so simple yet so delicious. I’ll never go back to electric stove again! Thank you Cat Bowrey for introducing me to the ways of the wok, helping me select a burner, and helping me season the wok using her pro burner. Thank you Jit Koay for helping me choose a wok set.

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