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Vivid AMEX Lounge

Hanging around the AMEX Lounge

Chris Tham Chris Tham 2022-06-06 2 min read

Hanging out at the American Express Light Lounge before exploring Vivid Sydney #vividsydney at Circular Quay and the Rocks.

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Gravitational Grid

This monumental work explores the phenomenon of gravity as a governing force that binds existence throughout the universe. Through light, sound and a multi-sensory narrative, the sculpture draws us together and speculatively captures the alternative trajectories in the life cycle of stars.

Gravity affects all things with mass or energy and brings them toward one another. It is responsible for the birth of galaxies and the perceptual relativity of time and space. While impossible to witness with human sensory perception, the sculpture acts as a device that unveils the intricacy of gravity’s effect on light and its pervasive interconnection to all forms.

Light, sound, structure and the spaces they create play a key role in our rituals, which might lead to meaning, insight, and transcendence. In response to the recent events that have distanced our social body and separated people around the globe, the work is a monument to the importance of communal experience. It brings us together again, just like gravity.

Kia Morphia

This is Kia-Morphia at Vivid Sydney #vividsydney. I was wondering how they achieved the 3D effect, because the car literally pops out of the screen. But after analysing the video, they tricked our eyes by artificially lowering the frame.

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Happy birthday Eunice Fong
Vivid Taronga Zoo and Carriageworks